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With fashion lovers all around, the fashion industry is looked up to by many. Today this industry which revolves around glitz, glamour, and style constitutes one of the hotspots for career opportunities. One might think that a job in the fashion industry would be easy going. But hard work plays an equally important role here too. However if you possess that extraordinary sense of styling coupled with a creative mind and are ready to put in all the needed hard work, then you are set to get going in the world of fashion.

So if you are a fashion lover and looking to transform this passion into an interesting career, then these are the leading job options that will surely interest you-

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  1. Fashion Designer
    From Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein to Michael Kors, many such renowned fashion designers have been popular role-models for fashion lovers all over the globe. Albeit being extremely competitive, this is one of the most popular career options in the fashion industry. To leave a mark as a fashion designer in the industry, one should possess a great love for designing and needs to be conversant with the latest trends. A fashion designer can show his designing flair on a wide range of products such as clothes, handbags, footwear, watches, and various other accessories.

    The love for fashion is continuously on the rise. Nowadays, be it a wedding or an event or a simple birthday party, everyone desires to wear designer clothing, designer footwear, and designer accessories to stand out from the crowd as they tend to be exclusive. Thus, fashion designing as a career will never go out of trend because our lives have become too intertwined with fashion. We care about what we were and we need fashion designers to keep options open.
  2. Fashion Model
    The job of a fashion model is to advertise and display fashion merchandise to the world. The display could be through fashion shows that are timely conducted by various designers or through photography sessions which are then showcased in fashion magazines and other media platforms.
    Fashion Model
    It is about carrying the fashion range most appealingly and delightfully while rightfully portraying what the brand wants to portray. The job is a demanding one that requires discipline and consistent hard work. One can initiate this career by taking modeling lessons, creating portfolios and, approaching modeling agencies.
  3. Fashion Illustrator
    As the name suggests, a fashion illustrator is a fashion design artist whose job is to represent fashion designs through the medium of art. Conventionally, this work is done through handmade drawings and sketches on paper but today modern technology has made digital illustrations increasingly common.

    A fashion illustrator needs to be very artistic and should have the potential to envision a design and produce the same digitally. It is an interesting career option with quite a scope in fashion houses and fashion manufacturing units.
  4. Garment Technologist
    Though this career option is not as widespread as the above three, the job of a garment technologist is very crucial in the fashion industry. He plays a pivotal role in the development of garments. As a garment technologist, a person is allotted the job of selecting suitable fabric for the design, taking the right measurements, and ensuring its smooth manufacturing.
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    In short, he brings the designs produced by the fashion designers into practicality and in an efficient manner. This job often requires technical qualifications along with some experience.
  5. Fashion blogger
    The job of a fashion blogger is to write blogs on various aspects of fashion making the netizens aware of the fashion trends in the world. The skillset required to become a successful fashion blogger includes many things: being explorative, being creative, possessing great knowledge about fashion, and having good communication skills.
    Freelance writer
    A fashion blogger should be able to express his views about fashion in the most unique, creative, and analytical manner. You can either start your own blogging website or join a brand that offers you such experience. Note that there are many competitors in this area, and you must work exceptionally hard to stand out among them.

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