Italian Luxury Retailer LUISAVIAROMA (LVR) Exclusively Cooperates with SECOO to Offer High-End Fashion and Luxury Products in China


In recent year, with the increasing market growth of e-commerce, China has become one of the top markets for luxury and fashion products consumption. When the overseas luxury brands plan to enter the Chinese market, they also prefer to go through the e-commerce method. SECOO has been under the global spotlight, as it is China’s biggest luxury e-commerce platform that cooperates directly with famous luxury brands.

Federica Marchionni, SECOO International CEO and Group CSO, said: “Through this cooperation with LVR, SECOO will bring luxury, limited, exclusive, fashion, major and emerging brands to China, delivering the most premium products to SECOO’s high-end consumers and enhance the shopping experiences. I am proud of this collaboration as we seek to uplift the offer and expand the business further”.

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Great minds think alike: Devoted to you

LUISAVIAROMA was founded in Florence in the early 1930s. Since its inception, it has focused on meeting the unique needs of the high-end fashion and luxury market, and has become one of the world’s famous high-end fashion stores with its excellent service. Since opening its e-commerce channel in 1999, the Florentine store has become one of the most famous e-commerce fashion malls originating from Italy. LUISAVIAROMA store and LUISAVIAROMA.COM select and offer a wide selection in apparel, bags, accessories, luxury home interiors, beauty, and unique design works from hundreds of top international designers.

LUISAVIAROMA’s wide selection of products is one of their greatest strengths. They strive to maintain the identity of a “small” virtual boutique where customers can easily and efficiently find the must-have items of the season. “We have always been fascinated by diversity. Everyone is different and consumers are looking for quality and timeless luxury items that stand out. Character and individuality are the most important factors that drive trends today.” LVR believes, “What we want to be is just to fulfill the wishes and needs of customers who live and breathe fashion and aspire to be true trendsetters.”

This is also what SECOO believes. For the past 11 years following the inception of SECOO, it has been committed to providing high-quality services to upscale consumers. To achieve this goal, SECOO has collected more than 300,000 ultimate fashion products, which include clothing, jewelry, house-wears, artworks and a range of lifestyle services, covering over 3,000 global and domestic luxury brands. As the biggest luxury e-commerce and premium lifestyle platform in China and Asia, SECOO has created its unique understanding in the areas of luxury brands tonality, personalized shopping experience and global fashion trends with years of development, and devotes itself to meet Chinese consumers’ growing interests and achieve consumers’ recognition.

1+1>2: Bring the best for consumers

Currently, the cooperation agreement of LUISAVIAROMA and SECOO is good news for SECOO’s users. On the one hand, LUISAVIAROMA and over 500 luxury and fashion brands signified that consumers could have more choices and enjoy better services from Italy. On the other hand, SECOO’s technologies in mobile payment, order tracking and logistics will support LUISAVIAROMA.

As LUISAVIAROMA’s CEO Andrea Panconesi always said, “Fashion is the most contemporary form of art in my opinion. It represents the period you live in. It’s like music, whether you’re Chinese or European, you love music, you love the same sound, music doesn’t have barriers. It doesn’t have a nationality, fashion does the same.” Federica Marchionni said: “With SECOO’s 27 million high-end consumers, the cooperation is a win-win strategy for both companies to capture emerging online opportunities in China and augment values to Chinese consumers. While LUISAVIAROMA will enhance its brand awareness in China, SECOO will strengthen its luxury brand connection”.

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