Here are the top beauty trends for 2019, according to Pinterest


Image via KKW Beauty
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Pinners are winners.

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Anyone with a Pinterest account can verify the stream of endless content that’s sprinkled across the homepage. You either find the banana nut muffin recipe you’re searching for in five minutes, or you get stuck scrolling through bathroom tile trends for two hours – there’s no healthy middle ground.

The platform first launched back in 2010, during an era when Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen were our style muses, and Justin Bieber still had a side fringe. Nine years later, the site delivers beauty hacks, DIYs and inspo tailored to our sophisticated 2019 tastes, which have grown through a series of questionable practices (wearing eyeshadow without mascara, why?).

Luckily, to help you sift through the magic that is Pinterest, the online moodboard giant has curated a list of the top 100 trends you’re likely to scroll by this year.

So, let’s take a moment to unpack the most pin-able beauty fads that are predicted to reign in 2019.

Baby bangs

The kind that finish juuust above the brow – AKA the bangs you had as a kid if you got too ambitious with the kitchen scissors. Or the ‘let’s just make it a little more even’ bangs you were stuck with in an attempt to save a couple bucks.



Abrasive exfoliation can’t come to the phone right now. Why? because it’s dead. According to the site, people are opting for more gentler forms of exfoliation, as opposed to the harsher types of yesteryear that scrubbed away all three layers of skin. Some may have even embraced good ol’ chemical exfoliators, the kind that do all the heavy lifting for you (thanks again, science).


Grey hair

We’re talking the au naturale, ageing gracefully-grey that many are choosing to flaunt on their heads. It’s time to forgo the fortnightly box dye sessions (I’m talking to you, Mum).


Bold lip shades

Not really a new phenomenon, that’s for sure. People have braved bold lip shades since ancient times, back when Cleopatra VII was crushing ants and carmine together in the name of a red lip. Plus, what’s bold for you might be different to what’s bold for the next person. That’s the beauty of this lip trend what’s on your face is in your hands, or something like that.


Witch hazel as a skincare solution

Because anyone with clear, radiant skin must surely be practicing some type of witchcraft. Try and convince me otherwise.


Lilac hair

We’ve paraded into 2019 with lilac-coloured lenses, sporting the fairy locks we were likely denied of back in our school days (once upon a time). Hairdressers are advised to prepare for a flood of pastel images, and the subsequent hashtags on Insta – #LilacSnacc



Gloss has come a long way since the early 2000s. We don’t just smother it all over our pout and call it a day. Welcome, strategically-placed gloss that hits the light just right. Good riddance, gloss that makes you look like you’re drooling.

It doesn’t have to exist solely on your lips either – your skin and eyelids are invited to join the gloss party, so long as they show up with a bottle of wine and a clean-up team.


Powder-dipped nails

There are no results for chipped nails in 2019. Please refine your search and try again.


Homemade lash lifts

In general, it’s good to be cautious of the words ‘homemade’ and ‘lash’ being used in the same sentence. Burning off your lashes with an eyelash curler and a hot hair dryer is a past time we should warn our children about. Thankfully, the kind that Pinterest is advocating only involves oils and aloe vera (not a hot tool in sight).


Almond-shaped nails

None of this ‘oval or square?’ business. The answer is almond  – always almond.



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