Fall Fashion at City Creek Center featuring Roolee


Today, City Creek Center is featuring the latest in fall fashion from Roolee!

Roolee is a favorite here in Utah. Kari, Brooke, and Caitlin are wearing some of Roolee’s top-rated items in the latest fall colors.

Fall trends at Roolee:

  • Sets, meaning a matching top + bottom. We will be seeing a lot of knit sets and sweatsuit.
  • Comfort wear. Wide leg pants, oversized sweatshirts + sweaters. We like to call this “COVID Fashion”. Now that customers have grown accustomed to working from home you will see an increase in comfort wear that is appropriate for outside of the home.
  • Monochromatic looks of all one color or varying shades of color for a full outfit.
  • Neutral warm earthy tones
  • Vintage band tee’s + distressed denim dressed up with a blazer.
  • Texture will be replacing the bold print trend along with a statement or unusual seams and construction that elevate a garment.

Check out more fall fashion trends at City Creek Center and on the Center’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

For more information visit shopcitycreekcenter.com.


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