Evil Eye Jewellery Is The Latest Fashion Trend And We Tell You Where To Buy According To Your Budget


Some people believe that the evil eye or buri nazar is a curse cast on them by a malevolent glare. It is further believed that it causes misfortune or injury to the person on whom it is cast. For example: if a person compliments your clear skin and you break out the next day, then they had ill intentions when they complimented you AKA buri nazar

Legend has it that a talisman created to protect you from malevolent glares will keep you from harm. This is where the latest fad of evil eye jewellery comes in. Not that there is a care in the world about the authenticity of the talisman par umeed pe duniya kayam hai! We, however, agree that it is hard to deny the appeal of evil eye jewellery. 

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So if you have been looking for suggestions to buy a piece of jewellery that will look chic and cast off the evil eye all at once, here are some budgeted to expensive options:

1. Amazon

Looking for unique evil eye jewellery? How about an anklet? This evil eye anklet for Rs 399 on Amazon is worth the buy.

But it here.

2. Pipa Bella

What’s better than an evil eye bracelet? A stack of evil eye bracelets! A bracelet here would cost Rs 799 and it is worth every penny. Great finishing, various options and styles, and they truly last you a long time. 

Buy it here.

3. Fancy Pants

Evil eye talisman as trendy statement earrings? Hell yes! These big, bright, and beautiful earrings don’t just ward off evil they make you the centre of attention as well. For Rs 899, the trinity earrings are a must-have.

Buy it here.

4. Bling Lane

If you’re looking to gift a piece of evil eye jewellery to a loved one, this charismatic necklace is a unique choice. It doesn’t just reflect care and concern, but it is fancy enough to flaunt. Priced at Rs 1,300, it is easily available on Bling Lane and they gift wrap it for you as well.

Buy it here.

5. Swarovski 

If you are really looking to spend either on yourself or a close friend, parent or loved one–then a branded piece of jewellery is sure to win their hearts. Swarovski wins half of them with its elaborate packaging, and the rest with their product and quality. A class apart piece of jewellery from their wide range of options would be these evil eye embellished earrings priced at Rs 5,490. The fun part about these earrings is that the evil eye charm is detachable, leaving you with quaint studded hoops. 

Buy it here.


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