80s Fashion Trends That We Love Today


In fashion, what goes around, definitely comes around. Trends that were a hit in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s, that most of us would look down upon a few years back, have flooded the fashion business once again. Bollywood, in India, mirrors these trends and at times, is the driver of many fads. From double braids to anarkalis, we’ve curated some of the top trends from the ’80s that we fell head over heels for. 

1. Double braids

inline-84-60b9e910bce44Image Credit: Rupam Chitra

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1-2021-06-04t141117997-60b9e9323ea94Image Credit: Suresh Productions

Don’t we just love braids, and more so, after the Gen Z icon Janhvi Kapoor sported them recently. Rekha rocked these in Khoobsurat and we saw Sridevi in double braids in Tohfa. The ladies loved it back then and they love it now. You can give the braid a modern spin by making them look messy or try the double dutch braid.

2-2021-06-04t141146852-60b9e94fba4d6Image Credit: Instagram/janhvikapoor

2. Bell Sleeves and Puff Sleeves 

3-2021-06-04t141223263-60b9e97253881Image Credit: Ravi Malhotra

5-2021-06-04t141247924-60b9e98ac7df0Image Credit: Film Kraft

Summer trends to watch out for: puff sleeves, bell sleeves, shoulder pads. You’ve been living under a rock if you don’t know that exaggerated sleeves are all the rage among the fashion-forward ladies. But who did it first? Be it Neetu Singh’s bell sleeves dress in Khel Khel Me, a slew of Rekha’s looks in Khoon Bhari Maang sporting shoulder pads, or the omnipresent puff sleeve, you saw it first in the ’80s. 

Image Credit: Instagram/anushkasharma  

3. Neck scarves and bandanas 

6-2021-06-04t141327377-60b9e9b098c57Image Credit: Nariman Films

7-2021-06-04t141355768-60b9e9cdddb60Image Credit: Shweta International

If you follow trends, you’d know scarves have our influencers’ vote of approval (go back to a zillion videos on styling scarves). You tie one around your neck, wear it as a bandana or make a cute tie-up top, and the look won’t just be tolerated, but celebrated. Heroines of yesteryear have been doing it way before the new-age influencers. And no one can match Parveen Babi’s level of sass in this pink number in Suhaag, or Zeenat Aman’s chic look in Don. 

Image Credit: Instagram/komalpandeyofficial 

4. Chiffon sarees 

4-2021-06-04t141420427-60b9e9e5dd42dImage Credit: Yash Raj Films

8-2021-06-04t141447870-60b9ea00d6920Image Credit: Yash Raj Films

No list on Bollywood’s best fashion moments is complete without Sridevi’s yellow saree look in Chandni. Talk about the reputation of chiffon sarees among fashionistas and you’d find recurring mentions of Rekha’s ensembles from Silsila. Cut to 2021 and chiffon sarees are a rage, with actors like Kangana Ranaut not missing any opportunity to flaunt one. 

5. Floor-length Anarkalis 

9-2021-06-04t141513974-60b9ea1abe6baImage Credit: Integrated Films

It’s Rekha, once again, because any discussion of the ’80s will be incomplete without mentioning the musical film Umrao Jaan. The veteran actor bedazzled one and all with her decadent anarkalis. While her iconic looks will be etched in our memories forever, there are many latest designs that have the nod of approval from our resident fashionistas. 

10-2021-06-04t141545114-60b9ea3a4414eImage Credit: Viral Bhayani

6. Tie-up tops 

11-96-60b9ea547aac1Image Credit: R.K Films

12-74-60b9ea8394670Image Credit: R.K Films

We are not the first generation obsessing over tie-up tops. Zeenat Aman and Dimple Kapadia did it way back in the ’70s and ’80s. Fashion conscious or not, we’re all aware how much everyone loves these chic tops. Bollywood divas are giving the trend its own spin, with many styling it with everything from skirts, denims and shorts. 

Image Credit: Instagram/katrinakaif 

Lead Image Credit: Rupam Chitra, Suresh Productions 


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