Country Championships: Fashion at the forefront at country race meets


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TRADITION is on trend in fashions on the field at the Racing NSW Country Championships. Odds on Style administrator Dimity Smith has the low down on what’s in vogue this season. “I think we’ll see a lot more colour at this time of year,” Ms Smith said. “People aren’t going over the top, it’s about streamlined and classic millinery. “There’s a lot of boaters being worn, headbands are more classic and contemporary rather than little bo-peep outfits.” READ ALSO: Ms Smith started the Facebook page Odds on Style around five years ago to share the latest race track trends. A regular competitor in Fashions on the Field from Randwick to local meets, she has an eye for what to wear. And, looking fabulous doesn’t have to hurt the wallet, she said. “Fashion is more accessible to people, you can buy something from Target or spend a lot of money if you want to,” she said. “I think some people are pretty creative, I’ve seen gorgeous velvet bows in the hair, even ribbon which can be a simple statement piece.” When it comes to headwear Ms Smith said bigger isn’t always better, it’s about making sure the millinery ties in nicely with the outfit and is proportionate. Rather than fret over the formality of an outfit, Ms Smith is a believer in balance. “If the top half is out with your shoulders, you should always have a longer hem,” she said. The rules apply to men too, who have been captured thinking outside the box when it comes to fashion. Accessories like pocket squares, colourful blazers, funky socks and even canes are all fair game in the world of men’s fashion. “It’s enjoying the traditional values of what racing is about and the same goes for men,” she said. “They love doing the loafer without socks thing and that irks me a little bit. “But simply touches and creative flair are generally what judges look for, if it’s well put-together that’s what stands out.” Will you be wearing your Sunday best at the races this weekend? If you are, make sure to look out for our photographer on Sunday who’ll be snapping photos of fashionable racegoers for The Northern Daily Leader and Racing NSW’s Fashion Star Poll. The winner can win a prize package valued at $730. You can find more information here.

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