The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes (Tested)

If you’re looking for a quality pair of comfortable shoes for under $100, then the Allbirds will probably pop up sometime during your search. We know that buying a new pair of shoes can be quite tricky, and you might struggle to determine how good they are and how they will work for you.

Although we can’t really guide you through things related to personal taste, we have given the Allbirds a try and we can safely tell you all you need to know about them before purchasing them. Overall, these shoes have come up looking pretty great after using them, so this is one of those reviews that we’re happy to present to our readers.

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Given that they sell for a tad less than $100, sitting at around $95 in most retail stores, they don’t rank as cheap shoes but they aren’t on the expensive end of the spectrum either. However, quality is to be expected, and we were pretty strict when ranking the quality of the Allbirds.

How do Allbirds Feel?

In general, Allbirds feel really good. The shoes are extremely comfortable and they serve to be worn on almost any occasion. If you want to take a walk out on the park and it’s hot, you can wear them freely as you won’t get tired of wearing them after a few days.

The shoe definitely feels super comfortable because of the wool with which they are made. The shoes are extremely light and don’t make your feet feel like they drag on when you use them. You know what that means, right? They’re also perfect to be carried around when you travel! You don’t need to worry about them taking too much space or weight out of your total.

We do recommend wearing them with socks, even though they do feel comfortable to be worn without them. Using socks with these shoes allows the fabric to feel softer when it touches your feet, which is the ultimate goal when looking for extreme comfort with your shoes.

Depending on the size of the shoe and your feet, some readers might develop blisters when wearing them. Socks completely diminish this effect and allow you to walk freely with them without having to fear for the well-being of the skin of your feet.

We truly love the fact that everything that makes up the shoe seems to come together when wearing it. For example, you can feel how the arch of the lower part of the shoe adapts and contours around your feet, allowing it to maximize the comfort that the user feels while wearing them.

Do Allbirds Look Good?

Allbirds come in a variety of different colors, so they allow you to be pretty selective with what you want from your shoes and how you want them to look. They are your typical everyday shoes, but they look far better than most on the market because they do seem to blend the aesthetics of regular elegant shoes with sporting models and casual shoes altogether.

One of the things we love the most about the Allbirds is that the looks are super customizable according to each buyer thanks to the fact that sole color often comes in two variants. You can buy the shoe with the shoe itself and the sole being of the same color, or you could buy, say, a maroon shoe with a maroon sole.

This allows you to purchase two pairs of Allbirds and still have them look completely different if you so desire. The most important thing when picking up your new shoes is for them to adapt to what you want, and these look good on you if you wear them as regular everyday shoes.

The Allbirds Design

The design of the Allbirds is crucial to making them one of the most comfortable shoes that we’ve tested so far. The way everything seems to come together shows that the company has truly picked the right materials to create these pieces of wear, as they seem to complement each other as the shoe moves while wearing it during the day.

For example, the soft wool used to create the Allbirds makes the shoe soft when it comes up against your skin. Furthermore, the Allbirds aren’t uncomfortable even if you tie up your laces pretty right – they are, in fact, great to be worn by people who like their shoes tied tight.

We recommend you to give them a few days after purchasing to see if the size adapts to your feet, in case they feel a bit too tight at first. The material allows the shoe to “grow” with a few days of wearing it, so you might think that you’ve picked the wrong size until after a few days of trying them out. In any case, the company has a 30-day return policy in place exactly for this.

These shoes, however, are not designed to be used as sporting shoes. They might look like them, but they truly aren’t great for strenuous activities. They might wear out pretty quickly if you use them for running, but the design fits a walking purpose pretty well. They should last you for quite some time if you only use them to walk around the city, or for less than 4-mile walks at a time.

Allbirds Temperature Guide

Allbirds are meant to be worn all year-round, but in most cases, you might want to avoid wearing them for too long if you plan on going out on a hot day. The wool does heat up a little bit more than it should, and it can cause your feet to sweat. They can be a bit uncomfortable if you wear them on hot climates, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t plan to stand on the sun for too long.

They do dry rather quickly though, so that’s another plus for the book of advantages of the Allbirds.

How to Wash Allbirds

You shouldn’t find yourself in a position where you need to wash the Allbirds constantly, mainly because they are awesome at not retaining any odor from your feet. The wool with which they are designed is perfect for this, which is why they can be worn without socks.

However, when you need to wash them, you can simply put them in your washing machine without having to fear for the fabric tearing down. In any case, you could also simply expose them to the sun for a while and dry wash them.

Are Allbirds Durable?

Allbirds are some of the most durable wool shoes that you’ll find on the market. If you use them as the everyday shoes that they’re meant to be, you won’t struggle to keep them on a pristine state for more than a few years. In fact, even if you wish to use them on strenuous situations, they should last you for quite a while.

So far, our Allbirds have not shown any signs of wear-and-tear, which bodes pretty well, considering you can notice a difference in quality with most shoes after they’ve been unboxed for more than a couple of weeks.

Visit the Allbirds website here.

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